About Us

Citywide Licensing of New York is a consulting company built by Teddy Gonzalez, a former DC Metropolitan Police Officer, NYC Detective, currently licensed Private Investigator, and Hospitality Consultant with over 24 years of experience working closely with New York City, Federal and State agencies.  At Citywide Licensing of New York, our mission is to help our customers succeed by offering innovative solutions and exceptional service. We value honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence in all that we do.

We have worked with many investors in opening retail businesses such as grocery stores, eateries, restaurants, taverns, and cabaret venues across New York State.  Our office has filed many Retail Liquor License Applications with the New York State Liquor Authority and have had many years of success. The advantages that our clients have when working with our office is that we have knowledge of all types of licenses and permits necessary to open a business.

We have a deep understanding of the processes involved in obtaining licenses, permits, and approvals from various city and state agencies.  We have a solid track record of helping businesses and individuals navigate the bureaucracy to obtain the approvals they need in a timely and efficient manner.

Overall, Citywide Licensing of New York is a reliable and trusted resource for businesses and individuals seeking assistance with obtaining licenses, permits, and approvals from city agencies and state agencies in New York.

Teddy Gonzalez