Citywide Licensing of New York offers a consulting service that helps businesses and individuals navigate the complex bureaucracy of New York State and New York City agencies.  We file applications on your behalf to obtain the licenses, permits, and approvals you will need in a timely and efficient manner.  During the many years in the business, we have had a great understanding on how the system works and the best ways of obtaining approvals from various agencies. We identify potential flaws and hurdles in the process and use our expertise to avoid delays and streamline the approval process.  By working with Citywide Licensing of New York, businesses and individuals can avoid the delays and frustration often associated with working with multiple service providers.

Citywide Licensing has worked closely with individuals involved in the Hospitality Industry for many years.  We have also had the opportunity to work with first-time business owners.  We have guided individuals from the beginning stages and continued to work closely with them until they obtained all their necessary licenses in order to open their business.

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